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I'm Talon.  I've been doing VO professionally for 10 plus years.  Chances are, if you've watched TV or listened to a radio in those 10 years, you've heard my voice ask you to buy something.

I love this business.  People who say that it's "just" commercials and that it doesn't matter are wrong.  Just ask them how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop.

I offer VO coaching and demo production services at very competitive rates.  Check out my work on the demos page.  If you like it, shoot me an email! 

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-Talon Beeson
1288 Morgan Rd.
​Clarksville, TN.

Phone: (773) 307-6343 
When I went to Talon I had zero expierence with Voice Over.  Not only did he help me record a killer, professional sounding demo; he taught me how to book!  My demo got me signed quickly with a great commercial/VO agent.  Within 6 months I had two national campaigns running on TV!  Talon basically rules.  -
            Lauren McCarthy
                Demo Client
Talon Beeson VO Demo Production
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