Starting Your Career In Voice-Overs
By Talon Beeson     

Voice-over acting is no longer all about having that “announcer-y” boom or classic fireside radio voice. More and more casting directors are looking for regular, “conversational” voices to represent a product in a commercial or to play the animated moose in a new Hollywood flick, but the competition is fiercer now than ever before. In a business that is “more risk than reward, more heartbreak than success,” author Talon Beeson will show you in Starting Your Career in Voice-Overs how to beat the odds, improve your skills, make the right connections, and build a career in the voice-over business. Some of the topics covered in this book include:

Warm-up exercises for the voice
Reading everything—jokes, telephone numbers, video games, commercials, feature films, and more
Cold reads
Analyzing scenes and translating that analysis to voice
Creating demos
Representing and marketing yourself effectively
Equipment and recording at home
And many more!

This instructional book for professionals presents readers with varying techniques, exercises, and theories to practice—a vocational foundation guaranteed to elevate an actor’s game. In an ingenious and instructive way, Beeson relates voice work to the greatest dramatist of all times, William Shakespeare. This is an added bonus for the classically inclined individual and provides excellent training for every actor. This intellectually informed book is designed to improve your voice skills and teach you the basics of the business—the ultimate preparation for any serious actor seeking to pursue this field. Surrounded by microphones, voice-over actors are a unique breed who require additional and different skills to create their reality, and Talon Beeson shows you how to do just that in Starting Your Career in Voice-Overs.

Talon Beeson has successfully broken down the process that goes into interpreting a commercial voiceover script. Commercial Theory is masterfully compared to the writings of Shakespeare and how the same techniques are utilized to read each. The book is a fascinating view into the world of voiceover and how to break into it. It is a fun, easy read in which the author brings wit and humor into his teachings. A straight up, no nonsense, must read for anyone looking to break into voiceover. Reading this book will save you time and money in the most logical way mastering Commercial Theory." -
              - Matt Jayson VO Actor/Co-Founder VO Academy            


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Starting Your Career In Voice Overs
By:  Talon Beeson
Illustrated By:  Sara Anderson & Geoffrey Long
About the Author:  Talon Beeson is an actor, director, and teacher. Talon received his BFA in Musical Theatre from Shenandoah Conservatory and his MFA in Acting from DePaul University. After years on stage, he started working in voice-over in 2000 and has been heard in many commercials including DeVry, Johnsonville, Kingsford, and many others. He just finished a two year run as the narrator of the hit series "Divorce Court," is currently the voice director for the hit HGTV show "You Live in What?," and his voice can be heard in the games "GTA V" and "Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare."  He teaches privately, at the VO Academy, and at the SAG Conservatory and currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife and daughter.
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