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Your demo says a lot about you.  Agents, Casting Directors, and talent buyers aren't interested in someone who sounds just like everyone else... they are interested in what you bring to the copy. 

If you can't hear yourself in the copy... neither can anyone else.  

Give a listen to my work, I think it speaks for itself! 
Phone: (773) 307-6343
             Talon Beeson knows what makes a character work. He helped me discover brand new characters and develop those I'd been working on with his mental library of images and ideas. His skills as a producer brought out the best parts of my voice, letting each character shine throughout the amazing demo he cut for me.-
                                                                                                           - Anthony Belanger                                                                                                                                        Animation Demo Client
Men:  Commercial
Women: Commercial
1288 Morgan Rd.
Clarksville, TN